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Head Office

Evaluation Institute of Regional Public Corporation Bldg 3F, 12-6, Banpo-daero 30-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea TEL +82 2)595-3700
FAX +82 2)595-3707

Northern Office

In front of Gangbuk-Gu office, 2F, 12, Dobong-ro 89-gil(Suyu-dong), Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, 01071, Korea TEL +82 2)905-0754
FAX +82 2)993-0888

Legal Advisory

Keumseong provides continuous advice on legal issues that may arise in connection with the duties of individuals or public institutions, corporations, and associations.



The Potential for Disputes

Relationships in the modern society are often based on legal activities such as transactions between individuals, transactions between businesses, business agreements made by public institutions or corporations, and all kinds of other agreements. These binding agreements are prepared in writing in case of future disputes. However, it is often difficult for the public to understand all of the legalities and legal terms involved in such agreements or the consequences and obligations surrounding them. That is where Keumseong can help: we take the worry out of contractual agreements.



Prevention of Disputes

When disputes arise after the signing of agreements, perhaps due to a mistaken entry in a contract or some other mistaken legal activities, it can lead to unexpectedly large damage claims. Parties not only run the risk of being responsible for honoring agreements they object to or giving compensation for damages, but they also may be forced to pay the costs associated with legal disputes. If an agreement has been mistakenly executed, the possibility of success in a trial is highly unlikely and the costs involved can be substantial. Therefore, it is important to prevent disputes in advance by making sure contracts are administered correctly.



Legal Advice from Law Firm Keumseong

Keumseong currently provides legal advice to various public institutions and corporations, including Gangdong Gu Office in Seoul, KORAIL, and Woori Electricity Co., Ltd. We prevent many disputes from occurring through our expert advice, but when disputes are unavoidable we can minimize any damage they might cause with efficient and effective legal representation.