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Head Office

Evaluation Institute of Regional Public Corporation Bldg 3F, 12-6, Banpo-daero 30-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea TEL +82 2)595-3700
FAX +82 2)595-3707

Northern Office

In front of Gangbuk-Gu office, 2F, 12, Dobong-ro 89-gil(Suyu-dong), Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, 01071, Korea TEL +82 2)905-0754
FAX +82 2)993-0888

Sevices for Foreigners and Immigration


Foreigners and Immigration Center

Law firm Keumseong has Immigration & Foreign Clients Center consisting of professional lawyers and experts that will provide comprehensive and professional services, including public service, real estate investment, SOFA, wage arrears, and industrial accidents to ensure that our clients can stay in Korea happily within the legal boundaries.



Our Practice Areas

Basic Entry Visas/ Foreign Investments/ Medical Tours/ Real Estate Investments/ Permanent Residency or Citizenship/ Change of Status/ SOFA


Basic Visas

In order to support the legitimate entry of foreigners into Korea, Keumseong provides advice on procedures that are appropriate for the purpose of invitation and stay, and the main tasks are as follows.
- Short-term visas, such as for tourism purposes
- Invitation of a family member from a permanent resident, a naturalized citizen, etc.
- Invitation from Korean spouses and their families
- Attracting trainees from international students, language trainees, and leading institutions
- Child rearing invitation
- Foreign (corporate) investment


Extension/Change of Status

The law firm Keumseong provides legal advice on how foreign compatriots or foreign workers staying in Korea can legally stay for an extended period and provides practical support for various applications for long-term stay permits.
- Marriage immigration (F-6) visas
- Change of status for students studying abroad (D-2) for job search (D-10) and residence (F-2)
- Change of status of foreign workers (E-7-4)
- Change of status to overseas Koreans (F-4) and permanent residents (F-5) for visiting employees (H-2).
- Application for permanent residency or nationality


Foreign Investments

Law firm Keumseong provides comprehensive legal services for problems arising from the establishment of foreign investment companies, domestic branches or offices of foreign companies, by offering one-stop services, including various immigration visas and residence permits necessary for the entry and stable settlement of foreigners.
- Personal investment (D-9)
- Establishment of foreign-invested companies/application for visas/change of investment qualifications (D-8)
- Application for residence (F-2) or permanent residence (F-5) of foreign investors
- Invitation of housekeeping assistants for foreign investors and professionals
- Legal advisory for foreigners or foreign companies
- Relevant litigation and arbitration


Application for permanent residence and nationality

Law firm Keumseong advises foreigners on how to extend their stay or change their qualification for a long-term stay, and files applications on behalf of them. We also provide advice on obtaining permanent residency or nationality for foreigners who stay in Korea for a long time or meet certain requirements based on their status.
- Application for nationality due to adoption
- Application for permanent residency or nationality of a person who meets the requirements for national acquisition
-Application for permanent residency or nationality of a person who breaks down a marriage/marriage
- Filing administrative appeals and lawsuits concerning dispositions


Aids for immigration offenders

Keumseong provides legal advice, prepares for petitions, makes administrative appeals, and handles litigation for foreigners' rights. We represent clients upon deportation, forced eviction orders, refusal or cancellation of permission to stay in Korea due to violation of the Immigration Control Act or other laws.
- Administrative appeals for various permission to stay permits
- Application for temporary release of protection
- Appeals against deportation orders
- Request for cancellation of deportation orders and injunction for suspension of execution
- Application for a grace period for departure
- Consultation on re-entry and other grievances of those who were forced to leave the country


Providing assistance for visitors on medical tours

- Support for the extension of the entry visa and stay period for foreign patients
- Relevant legal advice and follow-up management


Public utility, Real estate investments

Based on its expertise in real estate-related investment immigration in the region announced by the Minister of Justice, Keumseong will provide one-stop services, ranging from practical advice and visa issuance to support a legal stay for investors and their families. Along with pre-examination services for those who wish to invest in public utilities, we support clients from entering the country to staying in a long term.
- Attracting real estate investment immigration
- Consultation on real estate investment development projects
- Supporting investors and their families to apply for entry visas and permits to stay
- Follow-up management of investment property and public service projects


SOFA related issues

We have many years of experience in representing Korean and foreign clients living in Korea. Currently, we have more than 20 lawyers, foreign lawyers, a special counsel in immigration and more than 35 supporting staff members to serve our clients. Keumseong provides legal counseling regarding disputes on domestic, civil, criminal, immigration, labor and SOFA issues. Our key services are as follows;
● Korean Visa:
-Change of status/extension of visa/working permit
-Inviting family members, business partners from the U.S and other countries to Korea.
-Assisting discharged soldiers’ resettlement in Korea.
● Family Law:
-Divorce and separation
-Child custody/Support
-Spousal support/alimony
-Estate inheritance under the Korean law
● SOFA /Criminal Cases:
-Legal advice on SOFA status
-Police and court trial preparation and representation
● Other Services:
-Car accident & Insurance claim/DUI defense
-Claims based on the Korean labor law
-Claims regarding tax/accounting
-Business establishment in Korea


Labor Issues

Keumseong will provide proper legal advice with professional knowledge on unpaid wages and severance pay that occurred while being employed in Korea, and will also provide support for industrial accidents that occurred while working in Korea.
- Deferred wages for foreign workers, overdue severance pay, etc.
(former illegal immigrants who have already returned to other countries are also eligible)
- Claims for compensation for industrial accidents
- Claims against insurance companies for compensation
- Support for individuals in industrial accidents to stay in Korea


Reviewing contracts and agreements

Keumseong will provide professional legal advice and translation on English and Indonesian contracts, and will also provide advice on foreign companies' entry into Korea and domestic companies' overseas expansion.
- Support for foreign companies (person) to enter the country/ support domestic companies (person) to expansion into overseas markets
- Consultation and translation of contracts in English and Indonesian by professional lawyers
- Supports translation and translation of Chinese, Vietnamese, Pakistani, Uzbek and Russian, other than the contracts.


New business development

Keumseong has formed a separate team for new business development other than the existing one, to promote its out-bound work, including the inflow of foreigners due to the shortage of domestic production personnel, overseas investment immigration, and support for youth overseas employment programs.
- Investment immigration to the U.S. and other countries
- Overseas employment for young people
- Retired immigration


Park, Sang Hoon


  • Graduated from Suncheon Highschool
  • Graduated from International University of Economics
  • Completed National University of Indonesia


  • Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Indonesia (2th)
  • Chief of the General Affairs section, Immigration Bureau of Incheon International Airport
  • Immigration Special Investigation Director, Ministry of Justice
  • Director, Cheongju, Daejeon, Gimpo Immigration Office
  • Director, Seoul Southern Immigration Office
  • Chief of Immigration Planning Division, Ministry of Justice

Cho, Su Yeon


  • Cheonnam University


  • Law Firm Sejong
  • Law office of Attorney Kim Dong Gu



Contacts for counseling staff in foreign languages

English: 010-5384-7310
Chinese: 010-4508-9966
Wechat: jinsheng01045089966
Vietnamese: 010-5384-7396

Indonesian: 010-5384-4795

Pakistani: 010-5384-7310

Uzbek, Russian, Turkish : 010-4510-9966