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Head Office

Evaluation Institute of Regional Public Corporation Bldg 3F, 12-6, Banpo-daero 30-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea TEL +82 2)595-3700
FAX +82 2)595-3707

Northern Office

In front of Gangbuk-Gu office, 2F, 12, Dobong-ro 89-gil(Suyu-dong), Gangbuk-gu, Seoul, 01071, Korea TEL +82 2)905-0754
FAX +82 2)993-0888

General Litigation

The attorneys at Law Firm Keumseong constantly strive for the best results in each and every case.



Civil Cases

Keumseong represents its clients at all procedural stages during civil cases, from the beginning of disputes to trial arguments on the merits and enforcement of judgments. We can assist you by:
- Reviewing contracts
- Filing actions for preservation, including provisional attachment or provisional disposition
- Filing actions for performance of duties
- Filing actions for return of unjust benefits or for compensation for damages
- Filing actions for cancellation of fraudulent activities
- Filing actions for confirmation of invalidity



Criminal Cases

Keumseong assists clients in criminal cases from the stage of investigation until the criminal trial, making every effort to ensure clients are not subject to unfair punishments. We have winning experience and expertise in:
- Issuing opinion letters and participate in investigations
- Representing clients accused of criminal actions
- Holding investigations to determine the validity of warrants and the legality of arrests
- Making arguments in criminal cases



Administrative Cases

Where an administrative authority unfairly refuses authorizations or permissions or unfairly imposes duties on our clients, Keumseong will file actions to cancel such administrative dispositions. Clients can trust us to:
- File actions for discontinuance of enforcement
- File actions for administrative decisions and file various types of applications for objection
- File actions for various types of cancellations or for confirmations of invalidity
- File actions for an increase or decrease in compensation for lands



Family Cases

Keumseong speaks on behalf of its clients to minimize the affront to dignity that may arise in legal disputes within families, including divorces, parental rights related disputes, and custody battles. We have a wealth of experience in family law:
- Representing clients in a divorce case by agreement or by trial
- Filing actions to divide properties and request alimonies as a result of divorce
- Filing actions for the designation of parental rights or child support
- Filing actions for denial of paternity or for the confirmation of paternity
- Filing actions for adoption or for the dissolution of an adoption